Landscaping &


Services we provide :

Landscape design and build which includes all softscapes (flowers, ornamental grasses, ferns, shrubs and trees); all hardscape includes all the structural elements of your outdoor living space; walkways, patios, all types water features, low voltage lighting, fences, fireplaces, fire pits; pizza ovens, pergolas, sheds, large polyethylene pots and stone benches; tiny houses, most anything that pertains to the outdoor enjoyment.

Organic Lawn Care : Although we do not offer a full season of lawn care at this time we can topdress lawns with compost and seed in fall and spring and establish new or existing lawns. When looking for a service that provides organic or non chemical lawn treatments please be advised that an organic treatment should never include the posting of a yellow treatment sign and also some companies use the term organic as pertains to organic chemistry not something that is naturally occurring. We can provide a consultation on your lawn.

Landscape Consulting :  Want to do it on your own but need a little real time advice, call us.

Sawmill : Saving wood destined to chips and with the addition of a portable bandsaw mill we can now provide pine and oak boards for your various projects, as well as rough sawn boards for bar tops, etc. Please contact us for various sizes of boards and timbers.

Customer Service :  We view our creations (your job) as our own and will give each project 110% to create the best new outdoor living area for your home. After the project is finished you are not done when you see our tailgates. WE will be checking periodically through the first few months to make sure everything is satisfactory and our newsletters contain information for upkeep and what needs to be done at the various times of year. Also, if you prefer we have a maintenance plan for each project.

The biggest thing to remember when dealing with all outdoor projects is that we are dealing with Mother Nature- the biggest uncertainty and changeable force and no outdoor living area is without care and upkeep. You can install it use it for a few years and then time gets away from all of us and we realize that our new project needs some help. This is nothing more than Mother Nature having her way and reminding us that anything outside really belongs to her to do with it as she wishes. So, call us again or sign up for a yearly or biyearly visit from us.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible outcome for your layout.

All projects, large or small, start with a site visit to your property, discussion of the pros and cons of your dream; site analysis; time in the office for us to design and price your project; meeting with you to discuss project often with options; commitment from you and scheduling of the project; ordering of all materials and when your start date is here (weather permitting) the creation of your project!

Owner MaryAnn S. Hart and her husband Eric Hart are the only ones you will probably see on the job to give you the best! Creation is truly an artist rendering!