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  • Should I clean my pond/water garden every year?
  • That will depend on your pond, every pond is different. Yes, if you have high fish load and tend to over feed your fish or have a lot of algae problems in the summer, if your pond location has a lot of runoff, wind blowing debris into pond. No, if you have an Ion Gen system no major algae problems or runoff and if your fish are healthy.
  • How do I cut off branches?
  • Cut at branch collar, do not leave stubs. If you are not sure call us or research proper trimming techniques.
  • When should shrubs be trimmed?
  • As a general rule, flowering shrubs after they are done blooming and evergreen shrubs after the new growth has harden in early summer. This is when the new growth turns from light green to a darker green generally in June. However, major renovations should be done in the dormant season.
  • Can I top trees or large shrubs?
  • No, this just encourages more growth and the cuts may create disease.
  • We thought our walkway and patio were maintenance free? It now looks like it needs some attention?
  • Inspect mortar joints yearly and regrout. Check pavers as they will need more joint sand at some point both the paver sand and poly sand. Chipmunks and ants may cause some settling. Also pavers can be pressure washed and resanded.
  • Should our wet laid walk or patio be sealed?
  • Our recommendation is that this is not necessary as it often leads to more work in the future.
  • Why doesn’t Roundup or other chemical herbicide work as well as it used to?
  • The weeds are now becoming resistant to the over use in prior years. Switch to horticultural vinegar or other natural product, but still handle all weed control products with care. What affects plant cells often affects mammal cells as well.
  • How dangerous are lawn chemicals?
  • Very. All have been shown to cause cancer, endocrine problems, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Parkinson’s disease and many more. No test results can tell us how long the chemicals can be absorbed through our shoes, pet paws and children’s feet. However one study did show it is over 400 days!
  • Why should I not use chemicals in my landscape?
  • Chemicals can be absorb through our shoes, pet paws as we walk through the treated areas and then released into our carpets inside the house where as they break down the dust is released into the air that we breathe inside our homes. Pets ingest these chemicals. Also, chemicals destroy the microbes in the soil upsetting the soil balance and causing the lawn and plants to show signs of stress which most interpret as the need for more chemicals. Chemicals do not discern between a beneficial insect and a pest.
  • My pump in my water feature stopped working?
  • First check the GFI, if tripped make sure there is no debris plugging the inlet, if clear the bearings may be gone in the pump, or there is water getting inside the GFI or a chipmunk may have chewed the cord.
  • Can I upgrade my low voltage lights to LED and keep my existing fixture?
  • Yes, you will not only be saving on electricity in the future, but if needed after you change the lamps may have room for more lights if desired.
  • What can I do about the wasps and bees in my yard?
  • Wasps and other stinging insects like hornets and yellow jackets pollinate flowers and they also use flies in the material to make their nests. Avoid disturbing them and let them work for you around your yard. Did you know spiders clean up unwanted insects around your yard? Most are harmless although you will occasionally find a black widow spider here in Maryland.