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About Us

Hartscapes Inc. was established in 1997, and prior to that was known as Harts Lawn Care which started in 1987,as a company providing lawn mowing, shrub trimming and basic yard maintenance. After a few years of getting our feet greener, and after a few courses, we became a design build company focusing on the creation of all outdoor living areas and dreams year around.

Our logo reflects the fact that your outdoor living areas can be enjoyed in all four season. Each season provides different experiences and enjoyment. In Spring things awaken and it is time for a cleanup and correction of any winter damage. In summer everything is at its peak and this is a busy time for use of our outdoor living areas. During this time we often see what we want or what needs to be added or changed.

Fall is often the highest use time as the days are not as hot and the evenings are not too cold. Winter is the time of rest and the time where the hardscapes and the bed lines can provide a pleasing visual from inside at which time we realize that if properly planned and executed the outside rooms extend atmosphere of the inside rooms.